Bone Broth NZ

What You Need to Know About Our Bone Broth in NZ

You can enjoy the numerous health benefits and readily fill nutritional gaps in your diet with our bone broth that is made in NZ. We provide a quality nutrient-rich instant bone broth powder packed full of amino acids that can promote healing, reduce inflammation, protect joints and support weight management. Our traditional bone broth recipe extends through generations yet is perfect for modern life as you can create a hot drink to sip or blend with other ingredients for a delicious smoothie.

Benefits of Dried Bone Broth

Our grass-fed NZ beef bone broth provides numerous benefits and can help support a healthy lifestyle.

  • It can assist with protecting joints: Bone broth contains gelatin, which can break down into collagen in the body. Your body can use collagen to protect and support your joints as they deal with everyday stress or excessive pressure from extreme sports.
  • It may reduce inflammation and heal gut issues: Consumption of bone broth is a simple way to supplement anti-inflammatory amino acids such as glutamine into your diet. Our powder contains ingredients that may aid in the healing of the intestinal barrier and help with conditions such as leaky gut, digestion issues and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • It may support weight loss: The high protein content of our bone broth can help you to feel full for more extended periods. Our simple and delicious bone broth drink may help you to feel satisfied without eating a meal and therefore support calorie restriction and weight loss.


What You Can Expect from Mitchells Regarding New Zealand Bone Broth

You can expect excellent customer service and a range of premium products.

  • Quality bone broth: We make our instant powder bone broth using grass-fed beef and New Zealand-grown vegetables. Our traditional slow-cooked method is followed by gentle dehydration to remove the water and retain the nutritional content to ensure a premium product.
  • Easy to use: Daily consumption of our bone broth is effortless. You can place two heaped teaspoons of the powder into a cup of hot water for a flavourful drink, mix it in a smoothie or add a serving to your delicious meal.
  • Online shopping: You can shop from the convenience of your home and have our premium product delivered to your door. Our online store boasts a range of products, including bone broth and collagen powder, so that you can support your health requirements with one secure purchase. We provide free shipping with orders over a certain amount.



Why Use Mitchells?

Our NZ-made bone broth is a high-quality product that can support a healthy lifestyle. We use a traditional recipe that has been passed down through the generations to create a nutrient-rich high protein powder that boasts numerous health benefits. You can easily incorporate our bone broth into your diet as a delicious hot drink or a blend into a smoothie with other nutrient-dense food.

Contact us with any question or order premium 100 percent grass-fed beef bone broth online.