Collagen Broth Powder


Collagen Broth Powder Brings Traditional Healing to Modern Lifestyles

Mitchells brings you all the healing and goodness of nature without the effort of making your own collagen broth powder every day. From age-old healing secrets, bone broth made a comeback in modern times, but our lives are so rushed, finding the time to extract the goodness is challenging. Mitchells takes the effort out of this and brings you all the healing power without the inconvenience.

Benefits of Collagen Protein Powder

The most concise way to describe collagen is to call it the glue that holds our bodies together. Unfortunately, as we age, our collagen production goes down, something we become more aware of as our skin starts to wrinkle, yet the impact is not only skin-deep.

  • By adding collagen protein to your diet, you can replenish your deprived resources and aid in your body's healing. One of the features of collagen powder is its key role in cartilage preservation, making it a trusted additive to relieve joint pains and discomfort.
  • Protein is a needed building block in ligaments and tendons. By increasing your collagen levels by adding collagen powder to your daily intake, it aids in ligament repair and shorter recovery time.
  • Collagen peptides powder is a rich source of glutamine, glycine and proline. These three elements play a vital role in gut health. Your gut influences your entire well-being, and especially if you struggle with gut issues such as gluten intolerance, collagen is a valuable aid in bringing relief.



What Sets Mitchells Apart Regarding Hydrolysed Collagen Powder?

When you want to put only the best quality hydrolysed collagen into your body, you need to extract it from the best quality sources.

  • For us, there is no better source than grass-fed bovine, sourced from our trusted local farmers, committed to sustainable farming. It is how we maintain our impeccable standard of hydrolysed protein powder.
  • We use age-old recipes, taking the time needed to extract all the goodness. From here, we hydrolyse our mixture to bring you ultimate goodness in powder form that is easy to consume and effortless to incorporate into your daily diet.
  • Our small team is customer-driven and would love to guide you and assist you in finding the perfect product to suit your unique requirements. Our blog is a wealth of information about the benefits of using quality collagen peptides powder to enhance the way you look and feel.

Read up on, and experience the many benefits of collagen peptides and nature's goodness found in grass-fed bovine.


About Mitchells

Leading our business to success is a retired professional snowboarder, a man familiar with the impact of injuries on the body. These many injuries gave us first-hand knowledge about the benefits of adding collagen peptides to your diet. Retired now, our passion is to share this knowledge with you and making it easy for you to acquire quality collagen products. Reap the benefits of collagen, speak to us and learn how you can improve your well-being.