Collagen Peptides

How to Use and Benefit from Collagen Peptides

What are collagen peptides? They’re collagen, the most abundant protein in the body. No matter whether it is in your tendons, muscles or skin, it’s what ‘keeps you together.’ As a supplement to your diet, it may assist with skin elasticity, joint pain relief, and the health of your hair and nails.

How To Use Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides come as a water-soluble and flavourless powder. It is incredibly versatile and finding the best way to incorporate it into your diet is entirely up to you.

  • Tea and coffee. Thanks to the number of amino acids in collagen peptides, and especially in Marine type 1 collagen, it is stable at higher temperatures. What that means for you is that it will work perfectly in hot teas, coffees, and baked dishes.
  • Meals. Whether you are making your favourite cheese and tomato omelette or your famous steak dinner, you can mix powdered collagen into the dish and know that it will still have that taste you love.
  • Smoothies. Collagen peptides will fit in perfectly with whatever smoothie you use to start your day.

One thing the research experts agree on is that timing isn’t a big deal. As long as your dose is high enough, at least about 5g, then you should be getting the benefits. The essential part is finding your favourite way to add it to your diet and having it regularly.


Tips For Getting More Value Out of Bioactive Collagen Peptides

When it comes to getting as much value as possible out of your collagen peptides from New Zealand, there are only really three things you should understand.

  • Choosing the right product. Your provider of collagen powder should make the full list of ingredients available. Look for products with as few simple ingredients as possible, that are low in sugar and which feature third-party verification.
  • Ease into the dosage. Collagen is, after all, a protein, and getting too much protein too fast can lead to bloating. Start with a single serving in something like your morning tea and then work your way up to including more of it in meals.
  • If you want to get even more out of your collagen powder, consume less sugar. Sugar has been observed to damage collagen, a process called ‘glycation,’ and cutting it out of your diet will help ensure you get the best results from any of our supplements.

While waiting for your collagen peptides to arrive, check out what other benefits and tips you can find online. There has been little sports research into collagen peptides in NZ, but in 2019 a major study at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom showed how collagen peptides contributed to rapid post-exercise recovery while also lowering perceived muscle soreness.

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