Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen, Nature's Way of Restoring A Younger Appearance

Marine collagen is one of the several products filled with natural goodness you'll find online at Mitchells. It is known as nature's way of taking care of skin elasticity, joint repair and gut issues.

Problems Marine Collagen Peptides Powder Addresses

We take the time and care it needs to extract our marine collagen from only the best quality natural sources available to ensure we deliver premium marine collagen peptides to you. Giving you all the health and beauty benefits of quality marine collagen in a convenient powder.


  • One of the main differences between marine collagen and bovine collagen is the much smaller protein molecules found in marine collagen. These small molecules easily penetrate deep into muscle tissue, giving you the maximum impact of all it has to deliver.
  • As you age, your body slows down its collagen production. It is why when we age, wrinkles start to appear as the skin loses elasticity. By adding pure marine collagen peptide powder to your daily diet, your skin can regain its elasticity. It can give your skin a smoother and more youthful appearance. An additional beauty benefit from marine collagen peptides is that your nails and hair grow stronger and healthier as well.
  • By adding collagen to your daily intake, you give your body additional resources of the key component serving as the glue in our body. Increasing your collagen aids in numerous aspects of healing and repair. It reduces inflammation and preserves cartilage for healthy joints. It further helps to protect your bones and aids in gut health.

Collagen has various health benefits. Yet our modern-day diets often contain too many carbohydrates and too little of the necessary proteins we need. We make it easy for you to balance your diet and give your body all the goodness it needs.


Tips Regarding Pure Marine Collagen Powder

Once we've hydrolysed the marine collagen, the final product is in powder form without any bad taste or smell.

  • Get your daily collagen dose by adding a scoop of nature's healing goodness to your smoothie in the morning. If you don't prefer smoothies and is much more inclined to a cup of caffeine, it is no problem either. Simply add a spoonful to your cup, and it will just disappear, without an after taste or smell.
  • You can add the powder to your cooking. It is an easy way to ensure your entire family gets exactly what they need. You can add it to pasta dishes, stews or soups. Any way you prefer.
  • Baking collagen-boosting muffins. You can even add marine peptide powder to your baking. Our online blog is jam-packed with recipe ideas to inspire you to add collagen to your diet, the way you like it. Try our collagen chocolate bombs. These protein treats taste so great that it is hard to imagine it is so healthy at the same time.



History of Mitchells

Our small family business stems from the first generation of Mitchells setting foot on the New Zealand shore. From our heritage, we bring forth the solution to natural healing, a product stemming from an age-old tradition used for well-being. A tradition of nurture tested and proven through numerous injuries experienced as a former professional snowboarder. Results we gladly share for we believe if you truly love to do something, nothing should keep you from it, not even injury. We provide premium products sourced with care to give you nothing but the best. Contact us and learn more about the benefits collagen hold for you and your well-being.