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Do You Eat All the Right Foods, but Still Feel Tired?

Do You Eat All the Right Foods, but Still Feel Tired?

We know what it feels like to be eating all the 'right foods', having the 'right routine', taking the 'right supplements' yet still feeling drained, sluggish and simply 'meh'. This might be why...

Our energy is produced by our cells. And our cells rely on nutrients to do their job.

The gut is the passageway for these nutrients to be broken down from the foods we eat and delivered to our cells.

So how does the gut link to energy? A compromised gut health can hinder our ability to properly breakdown and absorb nutrients, and therefore impacts our energy levels.


Common Causes of a Compromised Gut Can Include:

  1. Nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  2. Food allergies and intolerances
  3. Antibiotics
  4. Inflammation
  5. Exposure to herbicides, pesticides and environmental toxins.

5 Tips for Supporting a Healthy Gut for Energy:

  1. Avoid drinking water 20-30min before, after and during meals to support optimal stomach acid production and digestive enzyme activity.
  2. Chew chew chew! There are no teeth past your mouth, break it down to help the many steps that you can't control.
  3. Eat meals undistracted, in a calm and relaxed state. This puts us in a parasympathetic state, allowing the nervous system to support digestion rather than compromise it.
  4. Reduce inflammation by addressing stress, identifying food intolerances, and reducing refined sugar intake.
  5. Heal and seal the gut lining. Bone Broth contains key amino acids including glutamine, glycine, gelatin and collagen to support repairing and strengthening your gut lining.

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