Do you eat all the right foods, but still feel tired?
We explain how your gut health impacts your energy levels. Learn how your gut can become compromised, and simple things you can do to support it to support your energy including mindfulness, repairing your gut lining and simply chewing. Read more here.
Energy - How can we get more it?
Written by Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Emma Gibson, at Nala Wellness. Emma shares with us how our bodies create energy, what foods will help or hinder our energy, why stable blood sugar levels are important, and her 7 tips to optimise energy. Read here.
Strawberry Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Introducing Real Strawberry: Our NEW Bone Broth Protein Powder flavour. This delicious summer smoothie bowl will tickle your taste buds, nourish your gut and help your skin glow. Get the recipe here. 

Protein for Women - By Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Jessica Giljam-Brown

We had the pleasure of having Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Jessica Giljam-Brown answer questions about the importance of protein for women's health. Jessica talks about why protein is important for the menstrual cycle, hormones, preconception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and ageing. She also explains why women are not consuming enough protein and how to optimise their intake. Read the full blog here. 

Words from Nutritionist Annelies Grimshaw
The inside scoop with Annelies Grimshaw, nutritionist and owner of Key Nutrition. Annelies shares with us her approach to nutrition, her daily routine, her best piece of advice, and why she doesn't restrict her clients. Read here.
Why We Collaborate With Fellow Kiwi Businesses
As you know, we love to collaborate with fellow kiwi small businesses to bring you the ultimate bundles. Not only do these businesses have delicious and health supporting products, they care for our planet and its people, and we think that’s worth...
A Nourishing Start To 2023
After a welcomed care-free, and perhaps indulgent, few weeks, we sit down with our in-house Naturopath and Nutritionist to offer you simple ways to gently stimulate detoxification and digestion to restore health, and re-establish nourishing routines as we ease into the new year. Read here.
Salted Caramel Banana Pancakes 
Christmas breaky is sorted with these Salted Caramel Banana Pancakes. Pancakes packed with protein are a double thumbs up. The whole family will love them. GF, DF and nut free. Find the recipe here.
Our New Digest WELL Tea. It's a bit bitter, why!?
We know the Digest WELL is a little more bitter than the Digest SOOTHE, but all with good reason. Our in-house Naturopath and Medical Herbalist explains why, and shares tips on best ways to brew the tea for optimal results. Read here.
Seize The Day Smoothie Recipe
We've collaborated with our mates and fellow Mount Maunganui business Innerbloom Cold Brew Coffee. This combo is *chef kiss*. Organic coffee brewed to perfection blended with decadent gut loving Bone Broth Protein Powder. Get the recipe here.
All you need to know about Collagen + Marine vs. Bovine
Everything you need to know about collagen, made simple. The Difference Between Bovine and Marine Collagen. The Benefits Of Both. Type 1, 2 And 3 Collagen. Which Type Is Best For You. Read More Here
Words from Digital Creator and Runner Ben Parry
The inside scoop with Ben Parry, Mount Maunganui based runner and self employed digital creator. Ben shares with us how he keeps health a priority in his busy life, what made him create a running community and his biggest challenges. Read here.
Our Team's Favourite Ways to Enjoy Mitchells Products
It can be easy to forget or be stumped on how to incorporate your Mitchells Nutrition products into your daily routine! There are many ways to enjoy our products, but here are a few easy and delicious ways we personally love to use them. Read more here.
Recovery, Repair & Relaxation - A Look Inside Collagen Repair
Mitchells Collagen Repair is a unique blend of Collagen, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Vitamin C and Magnesium that has been carefully designed to help you bounce back quicker. We break down why each of these ingredients are important and how they can support you. Read more here.
3 Simple Tips to Prioritise and Optimise your Protein Intake
Naturopath and nutritionist Emma Gibson joined us to talk about all things protein. Emma dives into why protein is so important, animal vs plant protein, and 3 simple tips to prioritise and optimise your protein intake. Read more here.
Bone Broth Ragu
To celebrate Mitchells Nutrition X Pepper & Me Limited Edition Bone Broth Powder, we joined Cherie from Pepper and Me in the kitchen to make this melt in your both Ragu. Packed with hearty flavours and plenty of gut loving goodness. Find the recipe here.
Why Do I Need Protein In My Diet?

Protein is an important part of a healthy diet. We break down why the Athletic, Adventurer and Everyday person needs protein. Have a read here. 

Words from Father and Personal Trainer Corey Baird

The inside scoop with father, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutrition coach. Corey shares with us his daily routine, how he juggles his busy life, his go to meals and his best piece of advice. Read here. 

Chocolate Protein Cookie

Recipe by our mate Lara Flannery. A fudgy gooey cookie that you will demolish instantly. High in protein, low in refined sugar. Find the recipe here.

Words from Professional Ballerina Lara Flannery

The inside scoop with Lara Flannery, professional ballerina at the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Lara shares with us her daily routine, how her relationship with food has evolved, the role wholefood baking plays in her life and her best advice. Read here. 

5 Tips For Reducing Stress
Mitchells tips for reducing stress. By addressing our lifestyle, diet and mindset we can support reducing stress levels in our day to day. We share 5 tips that you can start on today to help reduce your stress. Read more here.