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Collagen Powders


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Experience the Radiance of Youthful Vitality with our Collagen Products!

Mitchells Nutrition brings you the secret to ageless beauty and vibrant well-being - our premium Collagen Products. Discover the transformative power of collagen and embrace a radiant, vibrant version of yourself.

Why Choose Our Collagen Products?

At Mitchells Nutrition, we believe in offering nothing but the best. Our Collagen Products are thoughtfully curated to deliver maximum benefits for your skin, hair, nails, and overall health.
With our collagen formulations, you can experience the true beauty and vitality, from within.

‘Essential Nutrition’

Collagen makes up about 30% of total body protein and production slows from age 25 years old onwards. Whether it's our Marine Collagen Peptides, Collagen Repair, or Bovine Collagen Peptides, each product is designed to top up and maintain your body's essential collagen needs.

A Beauty Secret Revealed:

Beauty begins from within. Our Collagen Products work to enhance skin elasticity, promote luscious hair growth, and strengthen nails. Say hello to a glowing, radiant you.

Quality You Can Trust:

Mitchells Nutrition stands for excellence and authenticity. Our Collagen Products are meticulously sourced and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure you receive only the finest formulations.

Join the Collagen Movement:

Embrace timeless beauty and enhanced vitality. With our Collagen Products, you become a part of a community that believes in the power of daily health practices for fuelling the body for today, and nurturing health for the long-game.

Supporting One Wave:

Your purchase goes beyond self-care. Mitchells Nutrition supports "One Wave," a movement that advocates mental health awareness through surfing. With every order, you contribute to positive change in the lives of others.

Mitchells Nutrition - Where Beauty Meets Well-Being Collagen Products

Collagen Powder FAQs

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, vital for maintaining the health and resilience of our skin, hair, nails, bones, joints, and connective tissues. It is produced naturally by our bodies, but production decreases with age. Supplementing with collagen products can help counteract this decrease.

What are the benefits of consuming collagen supplements?

Collagen supplements can help support the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints. They can promote skin elasticity, strengthen hair and nails, and support joint health. Regular consumption of collagen supplements can lead to visible improvements in these areas over time.

What are the different types of collagen available in your collection?

Our collection offers both marine and bovine collagen. Marine collagen, sourced from fish, is primarily Type 1 Collagen, which supports hair, skin, and nail health. Bovine collagen, sourced from cows, is a combination of Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen. It offers the same benefits as marine collagen, with the additional advantage of joint support. Learn more about this on our Blog HERE

What is the difference between marine and bovine collagen?

The primary difference between marine and bovine collagen lies in their source and the type of collagen they provide. Marine collagen, derived from fish, is primarily Type 1 Collagen and benefits hair, skin, and nail health. Bovine collagen, derived from cows, provides both Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen. It has all the benefits of marine collagen, with the added benefit of supporting joint health. Read more on our Blog HERE

Are there any side effects associated with consuming collagen supplements?

Generally, collagen supplements are well tolerated, but as with any supplement, some individuals may experience minor side effects, such as digestive discomfort. It's always recommended to start with a smaller dose to assess tolerance and consult with a healthcare provider if you have specific health concerns.

How do I choose the best collagen product for my needs from your collection?

If you are primarily looking to support your skin, hair, and nails health, marine collagen would be a suitable choice. However, if you are also seeking joint support, bovine collagen, which offers the benefits of both Type 1 and Type 3 collagen, would be the optimal choice.

Can I mix your collagen products with other supplements or medications I'm currently taking?

Generally, collagen can be safely combined with most other supplements. However, if you are taking specific medications, it's always best to consult with a healthcare provider before introducing any new supplements to your regimen.


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