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Expert Spotlight | Nigel Beach, Mind Body Performance Consultant

Expert Spotlight | Nigel Beach, Mind Body Performance Consultant

In our expert spotlight series, we speak with experienced practitioners across NZ and beyond to get an inside scoop on health, wellbeing, and how they are using Mitchells in a clinical setting. 

Introducing Nigel Beach, Mind Body Performance Consultant renowned for his work with elite athletes and teams seeking a performance advantage.

Nigel, you’re a Mind Body Performance Consultant, tell us a bit about your practice?

I run a clinical practice in Mount Maunganui, here I see athlete's and the general population. I focus my assessment on listening to the story of how the client has come to be in a state of pain or under performance. Then, I assess motor patterns, the ability to move optimally, and the physiological response to stimuli. These are assessed to develop a targeted program to help improve their situation.

I also travel and work with athletes on an individual basis or within teams. Typically, I work with people who are struggling with pain, immobility, persistent injuries or those seeking out a performance advantage.

I run 2-4 day of in-person performance intensives, and also offer online and app-based assessments and programming for those out of town or overseas.


What got you into your line of work and what was the inspiration?

I knew I wanted to be helping people from a very young age. At 11 years old I wanted to be a physiotherapist. Having experienced the typical approach to pain and disability with my own debilitating back pain, I discovered there are a lot of areas that should be looked at differently for those struggling or seeking to be their best.

My work drifted towards a more holistic way of looking things as I saw a lot of gaps in traditional allied health modalities. I thought the focus was too narrow and limited to give the best outcomes to an individual. My work and approach, is constantly evolving. 


Are there any particular concerns you find yourself working with most, and why?

I work mainly with people who are driven to become better. For elite athletes and teams that can be seeking a performance advantage to help them perform better under pressure, or be better equipped physically to handle the rigours of their sport and be resilient to injury.

As people progress through their athletic career, talent and skillset can become corrupted by the way they approach training, the rigours of sport, or the way their training and lifestyle environment affects their ability to execute a skillset under high-pressure situations.

I also see the general population. For people in pain, they can be frustrated, yet driven to get the right programming to help get them into a more mobile, strong, and pain-free state. 

Where do you thread the Mitchells Nutrition products into your ‘treatment’ and why?

I run 2-4 day performance intensives here in Mount Maunganui. People come for in-depth, focused work and programming. Typically, these are international athletes, high achievers or business leaders. Mitchells Protein Powder, Bone Broth and Digestion Teas are used throughout to fuel and nourish the attendees. Quality learning, physical and mental training, and recovery all need high quality nutrition. Mitchells nails this across their entire range. 

What drew you to the Mitchells Nutrition brand/range?

I really struggled to find a product line that was natural, easy to digest and wasn't packed full of synthetic ingredients. Being locally made in my home town and having formed trusted, personal relationships with the Mitchells crew to answer any queries and help me understand the product, was also a plus.


In your opinion, what sets Mitchells apart from other bone broth, protein, or supplement available for use in clinic?

Mitchells was a logical choice given their premium quality, great taste and ease of use.

People who attend my performance intensive programs enjoy the taste and application of Mitchells products.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy any of the Mitchells Nutrition products?

I personally start the day with a cup of hot Mitchells Bone Broth. I add a little bit of celtic sea salt to give the flavour and extra kick. Then around 11 a.m. I have a Mitchells Bone Broth Protein drink. It gives an excellent amount of protein without anything synthetic. I sauna a lot and utilise the Mitchells range of teas for a post sauna drink.


Thanks Nigel! If interested, where can our readers find you?

I work with people either in person or online. The best way to get in contact is through and people can see more about my work on Instagram @nigelbeach.


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