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Our Top 4 Digestion Tips for World Digestive Health Day

Our Top 4 Digestion Tips for World Digestive Health Day

World Digestive Health Day is celebrated by over 50,000 gastroenterologists around the world. To celebrate we would like to inspire you with simple tips to optimise your digestion, daily!

Your digestive system is the passageway for the nutrients from the foods you eat to be broken down and utilised by the body. It is these nutrients that maintain our basic body functions and livelihood. To ensure we are making the most of the foods we eat, we must take care of our digestive system and set up the right conditions for food to be received.


Avoid drinking water and other fluids 20-30minutes before, after and during your main meals.

Doing so allows for optimal digestion stomach acid production and digestive enzyme activity. This is crucial for the break down, or digestion, of our food. Sip away and stay hydrated between meals instead!


Eat your meals undistracted, in a calm and relaxed state.

This puts us in a parasympathetic, or rest and digest, state allowing the nervous system to support digestion, rather than compromise it.


Chew your food completely.

There are no teeth past your mouth! Doing this increases the nutrient availability as it increase the surface area that is exposed to the absorptive surfaces of our small intestine.


Nourish your intestinal tract with Bone Broth.

Amino acids such as collagen, glutamine, proline, and glycine help to heal, seal, and strengthen the gut lining. This is essential for not only digestion, but our nervous system function, immune and inflammatory responses too.

"I love this product! Thanks Mitchells! My gut health has improved remarkably. I have been using Mitchells Bone Broth for 5 weeks. My skin has cleared up (eczema), no more bloating or belly discomfort. I have more energy and overall feel better inside and out. I highly recommend Mitchells" Amanda

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