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Expert Spotlight: Winter Wellbeing with Holistic Physio & Performance Coach Brad

Expert Spotlight: Winter Wellbeing with Holistic Physio & Performance Coach Brad

As we arrive at the change of the season, it's crucial we keep our mind and body healthy during the winter months.

Mitchells sat down with Brad, a dedicated physiotherapist and performance coach, to delve into his practice and philosophies. Brad founded EverFIT Physio & Coaching in 2016 with a mission to empower individuals to take control of their health journey through daily habitual behaviours. Inspired by personal family health challenges, Brad emphasises the profound impact of lifestyle choices on our overall well-being.



Brad, you’re a physiotherapist and performance coach, tell us a bit about your practice?

EverFIT physio & Coaching was started in 2016 with the mission to empower people to take control of their health journey.  We all need to understand the power of daily habitual behaviours that move us towards wellbeing. When these habits also consider the health of our communities, and our planet; then real expansive wellness can take hold.

What got you into your line of work, what inspires/drives you most?

After my father required a quadruple bypass when he was 58 and my uncle passed away due to bowel cancer, I looked more deeply into wellbeing habits. I came to understand that we can’t change the genes we are born with -but we can dial up and down expression with lifestyle. How we think, move, and what we put into our bodies can create incredible health transformation.

Are there any particular client concerns, challenges, or goals you find yourself working with most, and why?

The biggest barrier to making change is lack of time. Our society is busy, rushed, stressed and under the pump. Most are living in a state of “reacting” rather than “responding”. Changing mindsets is the most important first step in the journey to changing behaviour. Goals must have a macro purpose that is strong for the micro daily habits to take hold.



Let’s talk about keeping well through winter! Naturally, winter is a time of less sunlight, more time indoors, more warming and comforting foods, but it doesn’t have to mean worse off wellbeing! How would you describe the role of our thoughts and mindset in staying well through winter and maintaining good overall health?

I’ve covered the importance of mindset above. It’s about prioritising the time for self-care. This isn’t selfish; in fact, it’s selfless. When you are at your best then you can be of greater service to others and the greater good.  Too many use the excuse of not enough time. Maybe take stock of procrastination (eg mindless screen time) and start with small amounts of time for habits that move you towards health.  

Movement can be less enticing in the cold, what would you say/suggest to someone who’s lacking the oomph to get out and move their body?

Plan for it – dress for the conditions and get out there. One of the best things you can do to get out the door is to schedule it with a training buddy.  Moving the body when conditions are cold make the afterglow ‘good feels’ even better. Don’t use weather as another excuse to prevent you moving towards wellbeing.

When it comes to maintaining health and performance in mind, body, and being throughout the seasons, what are some common threads you find yourself discussing with or ‘prescribing’ clients?

    1. Find macro purpose to drive micro daily habits.

    2. Schedule in movement with good friends that lift you up, and hold you accountable.

    3. Ensure you are working on the three pillars of physical wellbeing – cardiovascular fitness, strength, and mobility/flexibility.

    4. Always remember that authentic positive relationships are the platform for wellness. Love is an action – not a feeling.



In your book Holistic Human, you speak to the daily habits that shape the health of both people and the planet. How would you describe the link between the health of the individual and the health of the environment? 

As I have stated many times before “We can’t be well on a sick planet”. My amazing wife talks about the MEGA nutrients – air and water. We need to ensure that all policy going forward protects our water and air quality. We need to be better stewards for our natural world. Walking in our forests, and swimming in our oceans and lakes feeds our souls. It’s time we acted like our natural world is our life support system.  Stop putting profit before the health of our environment.

What are 3 daily practices you are personally most consistent with and why?

  1. Cold showers – teaches my system to return to a state of calm from stress (beneficial for my wellbeing), saves 40,000 L of water a year and $ (beneficial for my wallet, and the planet), and it feels incredible afterwards.
  2. Daily movement – our bodies are designed to move. One of my favourite sessions is some kettlebell exercises on the deck as the sun rises (resistance work – muscle is our longevity currency with morning light - hormone health, circadian rhythm), then a stroll down to the ocean for a dip, and an outdoor cold shower.
  3. Telling my wife and kids that I love them, and making sure my actions align with love.

    Thanks Brad! If interested, where can our readers find you?

    Instagram: @everfitcoach
    Book: Holistic Human - my goes into more detail about expansive wellness – thriving humans on a healthy planet


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