Collagen Repair

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  • anti-inflamm
  • digestive
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  • immunity
  • joint-bone
  • muscles

Bounce back the natural way from physical exercise and adventure.

  • Turmeric supports reducing inflammation for improving joint mobility and brain and digestive health. 

  • Vit C supports skin health/wound healing and immunity

  • Magnesium is a hero when it comes to supporting sleep and muscle recovery
  • Collagen supports gut health and healthy hair, skin and nails. 

Collagen Repair tastes like summer lemon. Add into a glass of iced water for a refreshing drink or hot water for a winter warmer. You can also add into your smoothie for a citrus twist. 


Throughout our lives we put a lot of strain on our bodies – particularly when we’re exercising, adventuring and living life to the fullest. Essentially, over time we’re doing damage to our joints, our muscles, our skin, our organs and even our brains. When it comes to repairing that damage, our bodies know best. We just need to give them the right fuel. 

That’s why we’ve created Collagen Repair, a unique blend of natural nutrients that are designed to give our bodies the fuel they need to repair and regenerate – and get us ready for the next adventure.

Collagen Repair contains collagen peptides, curcumin from turmeric, magnesium, vitamin C, Black pepper and a touch of natural lemon flavour. All natural, all good for you. 


Collagen is the glue that holds us together. It’s one of the most important proteins in the human body, but as we age our bodies produce less and less of it. Adding a little extra collagen to your diet is a simple and easy way to top up what your body is missing out on.

The collagen in Collagen Repair is in the form of hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptides

Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, a potent medicinal plant that has been used in Indian cooking, as well as Chinese and Hindu medicines, for thousands of years. With its recognisable vibrant yellow colour, it is well known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been found to support a wide range of health conditions, including joint mobility, brain and digestive health, and blood viscosity for cardiovascular health.

Normally difficult for our bodies to absorb, the curcumin component of Collagen Repair is specially formulated to be easily absorbed with the help of black pepper extract. 

Magnesium Citrate
Magnesium is vital for supporting heart health, relaxed muscles, and healthy blood pressure. It also aids our bodies’ absorption of calcium and plays a significant role in the strength of our bones and teeth. 

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral – but it is one of the most seriously deficient bulk minerals in the New Zealand diet.

Vitamin C
We all know how important vitamin C is. But there’s more to it than supporting a healthy immune system. Vitamin C is also key to keep your skin collagen youthful, supports mental alertness, strengthens bones, and supports your body expel harmful toxins. 

Black pepper (Piper Nigrum extract 50:1) To help your body absorb all these goodies better.


Give your body the nutrition it needs to recover quickly, effectively and most importantly, naturally.

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Marie-Louise G.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Highly recommend this product!

Very tasty protein powders! Looking forward to trying the new Strawberry flavour.

Deborah T.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Collagen Repair

I love this product! I find I’m sleeping and recovering from my workouts better….it tastes yummy too!

Sue C.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Collagen repair

Great product which I add to my smoothies and cereal. Wasn't a fan of drinking it with water. I'm sure that it helps my body recover after exercising.

Linda M.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Collagen Repair

I was in introduced recently to Mitchell's products by the daughter, I wish I'd known about them sooner. The collagen Repair product is product is a fantastic product, it's great coming from a natural resource. It's easy to take as I spread it on my cereal. I also use the Bone Broth Powder and I husband and I use the Bone Broth Protein Powder in our smoothies. As we are involved in the Primary Industry it's great to see that the extract from Beef Bones into some great products!

Corey B.
New Zealand New Zealand


I love that I can add this to my soups to get some added minerals and gut health . Plus it’s a good way to add a little more protein to my soup !

Collagen Repair
Collagen Repair
Collagen Repair
Collagen Repair
Collagen Repair
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