Rob Mitchell

Our Story

“I have used bone broth to rehabilitate injuries in the past with great results. This led me to develop Mitchells Bone Broth Powder, made using our traditional recipe, and dried to remove the water but preserve the rich nutritional profile. It really helps bounce back from an injury and recover from a heavy session to stay strong to keep doing what I love.” 

As Good as Gold / The Modern Rush on Bone Broth

One hundred and forty years ago, Scottish born James Mitchell, set off for New Zealand in search of gold.

With them, they brought a beloved family recipe for good old-fashioned bone broth. Liquid gold, if you like, the perfect fuel for digging, and the ultimate example of waste not want not.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and their injured pro-snowboarding great, great-grandson finds the recipe and in a quest to heal his broken body, turns it into bone broth powder.

“I’d injured just about every part of my body at some stage of my career. No matter what the injury was, I would always end up at the doctors, where they’d prescribe me a bunch of drugs. Anti-inflammatories, painkillers, etc. Sure, in most cases, these are needed for the initial pain, but what you fuel your body and mind with in the rehabilitation phase of an injury is quite often a major factor in how you bounce back, and I wanted to investigate this.”

Four years and several impatient iterations later, Rob Mitchell is now chasing a ‘rush’ of his very own making. It seems what used to fuel gold diggers is now a staple for wellness fiends everywhere, not just Rob.

“The problem with bone broth is that it’s bloody time-consuming. Making it from scratch takes at least two days, and then it has to be consumed quite quickly. After many attempts at making it with one arm in a sling, I started thinking there must be an easier way to get the goodness of bone broth into a more convenient form, so I worked on my own version, testing, trialling, failing and trying again.”

And it worked.  The companies had impressive year on year growth selling across New Zealand and are bound for international shores later this year.  Now Mitchells Nutrition is building on its range of bone broth powder, collagen and bone broth protein powder by adding flavours including new addition chocolate. And why not?!

“Being the first of its kind, we understand that the idea of a Bone Broth Chocolate Protein Powder might sound a little strange. But if it wasn’t for the benefits you’ll feel, you’d never know the difference as there’s no broth taste or feel. It’s as good as gold.”

More about Mitchells

Mitchells is no ordinary bone broth. Perfected over generations, New Zealand grass-fed beef bones are slow-cooked with onions, carrots, celery, parsley, apple cider vinegar, black peppercorns, bay leaf, and rosemary. Finally, Mitchells gently dries the broth to remove water and preserve the nutritional profile.

Bone broth is full of rich collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline.

Passed down through generations

Rob Mitchell is a descendant of the original Mitchells who arrived in New Zealand from Scotland in the early 1900s, bringing with them their traditional bone broth recipe.