Rob Mitchell

Our Story

“I have used bone broth to rehabilitate injuries in the past with great results. This led me to develop Mitchell’s Bone Broth Powder, made using our traditional recipe, and dried to remove the water but preserve the rich nutritional profile. It really helps bounce back from an injury and recover from a heavy session to stay strong to keep doing what I love.” 

“If I can help anyone that wants to keep doing what they are passionate about into their later years of life then that would be a great feeling.”

A retired professional snowboarder, he has spent the last 15 years following his passion. That has meant travelling the world, filming video parts for international snowboarding productions and shooting photos for his sponsorships’ marketing campaigns. Twice, he has landed on the cover of NZ Snowboarder Magazine.

But snowboarding is a high impact sport, and Rob has learned first-hand the heavy toll it can have on your body. He has used these experiences as inspiration to develop products that can help people recover, naturally.

Rob is driven to create natural products, using time-tested traditional methods, that can offer real nutrition to people in the modern world.

Passed down through generations

Rob Mitchell is a descendant of the original Mitchells who arrived in New Zealand from Scotland in the early 1900s, bringing with them their traditional bone broth recipe.