Decadent Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Decadent Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Nutritious and delicious!

Packed full of quality amino acids that support a healthy gut, muscle and bone repair, glowing skin and a happy mind.

Great for breakfast, post workout or curbing those afternoon chocolate cravings! 

Decadent Chocolate Protein Smoothie (1 serving)

You will need:

1 Banana 
2 Tbs Mitchell's Chocolate Bone Broth Protein Powder - or swap for Vanilla
1 Cup Milk - We love oat! 

Keep it simple or add some optional boosters...

1 Tbs Chia Seeds 
2 Tsp Mitchell's Collagen Peptides 
1/2 Cup Berries - Raspberries and blueberries are our go to's
1 Tbs Nut Butter
1 Tbs Granola for topping 


Blend until thick and smooth, poor into your favourite glass or jar and enjoy! 


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