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Words From Athlete Ben O'Dea (Pro Beach Volleyball Player)

Words From Athlete Ben O'Dea (Pro Beach Volleyball Player)

 Please give us a rundown on who you are and what you do?

My name is Ben O'dea and I am a beach volleyball player from Mount Maunganui, balance is important for me so I divide my time between a few projects but beach volleyball is the main focus.
What does a typical (in season) day look like for you?

Up early for a sand session on the beach then home to refuel, a bit of admin on the small businesses that I run before heading to the gym. Try to squeeze a coffee date in with my girlfriend or mates at some point too.

How do you keep health a priority while being so busy?

I try to fit in an hour somewhere that is focused on detaching from the day and relaxing, cold immersion meditation or breath work usually. Eating good is important to me and I have a genuine interest in nutrition.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received that has helped you become the epic person you are today?

I learned from my mum from a very young age not to veer from my intuition. Information is so easily accessible these days which is awesome but I feel like it has a negative effect on the way we trust ourselves. I'm constantly faced with different decisions and taking the time to truly feel what outcome resonates for me has been important.

What advice would you give any readers who want to follow in your footsteps?

Learn to enjoy the difficult situations. Everybody's journey is different but nobody goes through the journey without being tested, treat the obstacles as learning opportunities. The hard times are the best times for growth.

What’s your favourite way to have any of our Mitchells products?

I love to use the Bone Broth on a fast. Fasting on bone broth feels amazing - you still achieve the mental clarity of a long fast but without the hunger. I've also noticed how much effect the collagen has on my skin and hair.

What’s your proudest moment so far?

Probably the lead up to the Commonwealth games. I was injured for 2 years and stayed at home with our coach. Training every day on the beach during two winters. I never veered from my goal and I was pretty handicapped in the qualifying process having to train myself to play with the opposite arm so qualifying itself after those two years was pretty awesome.

What about your hardest moment, and how you dealt with it?

I recently had a very bad accident. Two weeks before heading overseas for the rest of the year to begin our Olympic qualification process. After almost 3 years of dealing with injury I was finally back on track only to break my wrist and elbow. As soon as I came to in hospital after a string of surgeries I started a new business from my hospital bed and planned a 6 week work / recovery holiday in Bali where I am now. I had just dealt with my mum passing after a tough battle with cancer and I drew strength from her tenacity and unbelievable strength during that time. You can always find examples of people in much tougher situations than you, and use these examples to offer a little perspective.

Finally, what’s your fav adventure spot in New Zealand?

My friends and I discovered a secret Beach in Whiritoa on the Coromandel. I like to go there once or twice a year. The serenity is amazing, an entire Beach to yourself, waking up to waves rolling in, it's really beautiful.


Follow Ben's recovery from injury business ventures and road to the Olympics on his Instagram @benodeaa


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