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Words from Athlete Brook Macdonald (Professional Downhill Mountain Biker)

Words from Athlete Brook Macdonald (Professional Downhill Mountain Biker)

Please give us a rundown on who you are and what you do?

I’m Brook Macdonald from Hawkes Bay New Zealand. I race downhill Mountain bikes professionally all around the world.

What does a typical (in season) day look like for you?

Lot's of travel depending on the day. But either Sunday / Monday I will be traveling to the next race venue and from there it’s pretty full on with with track walk, practice, qualifying and race day.

How do you keep health a priority while being so busy?

It’s really important to maintain good health while traveling / racing as I spend so much time on the plane in airports and different time zones. I tend to take the MBB Collagen repair a lot for recovery and also to help digestive function.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received that has helped you become the epic person you are today?

Never give up on you dreams because there’s always someone else out there working harder

What advice would you give any readers who want to follow in your footsteps?

Any sport you do weather your starting off or professional enjoy the ride don’t be to serious because then it becomes a chore, have fun with it and always listen to peoples advice.

What’s your favourite way to have any of our Mitchells products?

I have them in a mixture of things normally smoothies, but also a lot by themselves as they are super easy to drink and don’t have a taste.

What’s your proudest moment so far?

Being able to walk again!! (Brook is currently recovering from a back injury)

What about your hardest moment, and how you dealt with it?

My recent accident that left me paralysed for 2 days for sure would have been the hardest moment in my life. I’ve dealt with it with a lot of mental strength and just having the drive and desire to be back what I love doing.

Finally, what’s your fav adventure spot in New Zealand?

Either Hawkes Bay or Taupo to be honest I do so much traveling throughout the year I’m happy spending my time at home. But there are many destinations around NZ that I would love to visit.

All the best for a full recovery Brook!!

Follow Brook on his adventures and recovery via his Instagram


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