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Bone Broth Protein Powder - Bundle of Three + Free Scoop

$227.00 Regular price $243.00

Our multi-functional, 100% grass-fed New Zealand Bone Broth Protein Powder.

A premium New Zealand-made protein powder complete with all nine essential amino acids, abundant collagen, and no added nasties. Made for athletes, families, and everyone in between.


  • Boosts muscle, bone, ligament, and joint strength and recovery
  • Supports a healthy gut lining, relieving bloating and gas for optimal digestion
  • Enhances skin, hair, and nail health with natural collagen
  • Improves daily mental and physical performance

We've Made It

  • Allergy-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, GMO, and corn-free
  • FODMAP, paleo, and keto friendly 
  • Sugar free
  • Has no added artificial aminos or preservatives
  • Developed and made right here in New Zealand

Traditional Nutrition

NZ's First Bone Broth Protein Powder

Mitchells Bone Broth Protein Powder is a natural way to give your body all the support it needs to stay active. With bone broth as the base, this protein powder offers a 100% naturally occurring and complete amino acid profile, abundant in collagen. This means that beyond the benefits of topping up protein itself, the amino ratios from the bone broth offer extra support for the digestive system, joints, bones and muscles, and skin, hair and nails.

We use a traditional slow-cooking technique to extract the goodness from 100% grass fed NZ beef bones.

How does it taste?

Being the first of its kind, we understand that the idea of a sweet Bone Broth Protein Powder might sound a little strange. But if it wasn’t for the benefits you’ll feel, you’d never know the difference as there’s no broth taste or feel.

Serving Instructions

Blend it, bake it, or shake it — our smooth formulation is as versatile as it is delicious.

Blend: Add 30g (2 ½ heaped tablespoons) into your go-to smoothie. Need inspiration? Check out our viral Golden Glow Smoothie or Creamy Cacao Smoothie.

Bake: Whip up protein-packed cookies, bliss balls, or even pancakes for a nutritious twist on your favourite baked treats.

Shake: Add 30g (2 ½ heaped tablespoons) into your Mitchells Shaker with 300mL water or your milk of choice. Shake well. Shake again for good luck. Can be enjoyed hot or cold.


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