5 Quick Reasons to Try Mitchells Nutrition Range

5 Quick Reasons to Try Mitchells Nutrition Range

Poor gut health is a major issue in today’s society. It seems to have rapidly increased over the last few decades, so we’ve got a good reason to revert back to the old ways to take better care of our tummy!

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1. Gut & Mental Health

Bone Broth helps to coat and line the gut, which heals the damaged gut lining. A damaged gut can come from weathering chronic stress over a long period of time. Take it easy okay.

Healing your gut has shown to reduce anxiety, depression, allergies & food intolerances. These two things are so closely related they’re basically siblings.


2. Glowing Skin & Hair

Key word here is “Collagen”, simply it’s the glue that holds your skin together nice and tight and Bone Broth contains a truck-load of it!

As we get older we lose collagen (cruel, cruel world), so it’s important to help restore your levels. Try incorporating Mitchells Collagen into your skin & hair care routine.


3. Sleep (Zzzz)

Almost everyone is battling to consistently get a good night’s sleep these days, and poor sleep can have so many negative effects on our health.

Bone Broth can help relax our nervous system, which helps us fall asleep. It also contains some magnesium which is a well-known sleep supplement.

We recommend an evening Bone Broth tea before bed. A teaspoon of Mitchells and hot water - delicious.


4. Physical Recovery

Throughout our lives we put a lot of strain on our bodies – particularly when we’re exercising, adventuring and living life to the fullest.

Collagen is the main protein inside your bones, tendons and ligaments. Bone broth helps build strong healthy bones and key nutrients for our cartilage, which is easily absorbed by the contents of the bovine bone marrow.

Just like you add good oil to a race car, add Collagen Repair to your body and zoom around the track.


5. Immune System & Inflammation

If 70% of your immune system lives in your gut, then having a healthy gut would mean having a stronger immune system, right? Yes that’s completely true. So what heals your gut lining again…?

Inflammation is caused by ongoing stressors like work, food, relationships and exercise. Bone broth contains key amino acids which aid in the reduction of inflammation, breaking down mucus and clearing the respiratory system. 




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