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Bone Broth For Healing Your Injury

New Zealand is humming with incredible athletes, physically active communities and busy children. Despite our best efforts, many families deal with injury on a regular basis.

Many of us can get frustrated and stumped with how to heal or even prevent injury being a barrier in our life … if this is you too, listen up.


Bone Broth Adventure


Mitchells range is packed full of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), Bone Broth is something that has lived on through generations for its healing abilities, and rightly so. 

So... how does Bone Broth help your body heal from injury?

 Essential amino acids cannot be manufactured by the body and therefore you must receive them from food. An epic source you ask? Bone Broth contains healing compounds such as;


 ...these help support the integrity of bones, muscles, cartilage and skin, whilst also strengthening the immune system, and encouraging healthy blood oxygen levels and gut bacteria.

Mitchells Bone Broth



  • Glutamic acid (Leucine) builds and repairs muscle 
  • Collagen helps with maintaining muscle mass 
  • Glutamine is a key player in the building of cells with high division rates, including the musculoskeletal system 



  • Proline is required by the body to build Collagen - The structural proteins required to make elastic fibres found in skin, bones, ligaments and tendons
  • Glutamine has another key role stimulating collagen, which helps with tendon and ligament repair, cartilage preservation/formation, and skin elasticity
  • Glycine makes up approximately one third of Collagen, making it an essential amino acid to keep the connective tissue and skin flexi and firm 


  • Collagen helps with easing joint discomfort, bone density and strength

  • Glycine is required for the biosynthesis of heme - a key component of haemoglobin, essential in the maintenance of red blood cells integrity and optimal oxygen carrying capacity (hello healing!)



  • Glutamic acid (Leucine) helps boosts the immune system through its antioxidant effects, helping prevent sickness and injury
  • Glutamine is essential during times of metabolic ill health (Glutamine can be depleted during times such as post surgery recovery, suffering from sports injuries, overtraining and partaking in endurance sports, aka any type of stress on the body - source)
  • Glutamine is important in strengthening the immune system (fight off infection), helping reduce inflammation and support digestive/gut function (the health of our microbiome here is important for holistic injury healing), musculoskeletal system and wound repairing (Glutamine plays a role in the synthesis of amino sugars and other protein chains in the body needed by tissues with a high cell division rate)
Surfing After Bone Broth 

The human body is armed with innate mechanisms to protect and heal the body from injury, however many factors, including ageing, stress (injury) and impact (endurance), mean these mechanisms can become depleted which contribute to annoying niggles, ongoing injury and slow healing.   

The healing power of these amino acid's above are not just limited to Bone Broth, Collagen Peptides also contain these amazing benefits.

Through our own experience with ongoing niggles and professional sport injuries, Mitchells Bone Broth range is our trick to incorporate in our daily routine to help prevent injury and increase healing rate when injury does arise.  Find out for yourself!

 Mitchells Range

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