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Mitchells Nutrition X Goodlids Collaboration

Mitchells Nutrition X Goodlids Collaboration

We’ve teamed up with another like-minded kiwi business making a positive impact on health and the planet. As always, these product collaborations are brought to you with the intention of assisting you to keep doing what you love!

Goodlids was born out of a passion for headwear and mother nature; offering functional, groovy and sustainable premium hemp headwear, that does right by the planet and all that inhabit it, to support adventures in the great outdoors. These are values we can stand behind, for they align with our mission too. Mitchells is about providing high quality nutrition, made from premium NZ sourced ingredients, to keep you active and adventuring for as long as possible, whilst treading as lightly as possible on our environment in the process.

Making a stand for sustainable fashion is something we take out hats off to Goodlids for. We know from our own sustainability journey that there are hurdles, so when we see fellow brands also making a stand for Mother Earth we think they’re pretty cool.

Why Mother Earth loves hemp, and why you will too…

#1. Hemp takes carbon out of the atmosphere, with every tonne of hemp grown, it sequesters 1.63 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s about four times that of trees.

#2. Hemp is a natural fibre that doesn’t require pesticides to grow which harm our waterways and oceans. Additional to that hemp requires little water to grow, bonus again.

#3. Hemp helps prevent deforestation, as it grows quickly and can make many things that trees are cut down for.

#4. Hemp helps regenerate the soil as hemp is rich in nutrients.

#5. Whilst hemp softens nicely with age and it remains strong, more so than other natural fibres!

#6. Hemp fabric is naturally breathable (helping prevent odour), antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

This collaboration celebrates two kiwi brands with aligned values, founded by kiwi blokes with missions to support you to adventure, stay active, do good and have fun.

Mitchells Nutrition X Goodlids Limited Edition Hemp Hat

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We encourage you to learn more about Goodlids team and their plan for the future -

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