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Our Team's Favourite Ways to Enjoy Mitchells Products

Our Team's Favourite Ways to Enjoy Mitchells Products

It can be easy to forget or be stumped on how to incorporate your Mitchells Nutrition products into your daily routine!

There are many ways to enjoy our products, and we encourage you to find the best for you, but here are a few easy and delicious ways we personally love to use them and at what time...

Bone Broth Protein Powder 

When? We like to enjoy for breaky, afternoon snacks and post workout/adventure.

Bone Broth Powder 

A delicious savoury taste which makes it delicious by itself AND in meals to add depth.

When? We like to enjoy mid morning to replace that 2nd coffee craving and in our evening meals.

Collagen Repair 

A refreshing lemon zesty flavour 

When? We like to enjoy post workout/adventure or first thing in the morning.

 Collagen Peptides 

Being flavourless and odourless makes it convenient to add to anything.

When? We like to enjoy in our morning tea or coffee!

Jump over to our recipe blog to find more inspiration to spice up your nutrition game. 

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