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Got Allergies? Try Bone Broth Protein Powder

Got Allergies? Try Bone Broth Protein Powder

Written by Sarah Vickers, Integrative Health Practitioner from S.V Holistic

Protein powders have been around for a while, so many of you will know how important it is ‘post workout’ or will wack it in your smoothies in the morning. The hard thing is finding the right Protein Powder for you, one that won’t cause more harm than good. Allergies are so common these days, such as dairy, gluten, nuts, eggs the list is endless.

So here is a little run down of what the benefits are of a Protein Powder, and why a Protein Powder made from beef bone extract is even better for those of us with allergies!

Firstly, finding something to support the intestinal wall (aka your gut lining) to reduce these allergies is the most important thing to consider. Aminos acids, the building blocks of our cells, such as collagen, gelatin, glycine, tryptophan are all vitally important in helping in the rebuild and repair of the gut.

How do they help the rebuild of the intestinal wall? If we have a permeable or ‘leaky gut‘ wall then food proteins, such as gluten and dairy, enter the gut then are exposed to the bloodstream. Your immune molecules then tag these foods as ‘invaders’ and create an immune response (inflammation), showing up as irritable bowel symptoms, skin irritations, irregular moods, bloating, gas. Symptoms that you don’t need to put up with. 

The most common protein powders on the market are either Whey or Pea. For many people, Whey can be an allergen or irritant for people who already have an inflamed or irritated gut. Most Whey protein is denatured and sweetened and thus, biologically ineffective. 

Pea protein may also cause irritability, if we have gut dysbiosis (overgrowth of specific types of bugs) these bugs can feed off legumes such as peas. What these bugs excrete cause bloating and irritability in the small intestine. No thanks. 

This is where the Bone Broth Protein Powder is the perfect alternative. Bone Broth is made up of amino acids which are the most powerful way to rebuild the gut lining. Bone Broth offers numerous health benefits. Great for your gut and immune system and the usuals skin, hair and nails. Win win! 

Broth is rich in glutamine, collagen and the amino acids proline and glycine that can help heal damaged cell walls. The digestive lining has the fastest turnover of cells in our body (around 3 days) and the amino acids in broth give these fast-growing cells the fuel they need to replicate. The intestinal cells are able to use the amino acids in broth directly from the digestive tract, unlike other nutrients that need to be absorbed into the bloodstream and fed back through the capillaries to the cells. This is why broth is one of the most healing foods for leaky gut.

One of the most important things to think about is the quality and type of protein powder before buying one and finding one that is going to provide the right support for you! There are a lot of protein powders on the market that include ingredients that you can’t pronounce, let this always be a warning bell, if we can't pronounce it it's unlikely that it will be good for you. 

Less is more, additional things like probiotics, greens, or other nutrients aren't that necessary. I suggest finding a protein powder with minimal ingredients and one that is ideally made locally or contains local/organic ingredients. The simpler the better. 

Mitchells Bone Broth Protein Powder  not only has a simple ingredient list and is made in New Zealand, it is also tested for heavy metals so there are no nasties hiding in. It's keto/paleo friendly for all those who are experimenting with different dietaries theories,  a great option for those of us with niggly allergies. 


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