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Introducing Our New Bone Broth Protein Powder

Introducing Our New Bone Broth Protein Powder

Drum roll...

Mitchells Nutrition 100% grass fed New Zealand Bone Broth Protein Powder has launched! 

More than just a protein powder, it’s a full body support.

What's the Deal with Bone Broth Protein Powder? 

Bone Broth Protein Powder is a natural way to give your body all the support it needs to stay active. Every single gram of protein and collagen found in this powder is a natural outcome of the slow cooking process. We use a traditional drying technique to extracting the goodness from 100% grass fed New Zealand beef bone, before stirring in some natural vanilla or cocoa for flavour and monk fruit for natural sweetening. Nothing else.

By using bone broth we made sure this product is packed full of essential amino acids - aka the ‘building blocks’ our body needs to survive and thrive. These amino acids support more than just muscle growth and repair, they also support gut health, digestion, joint and skin, energy levels and even your basic body functions. 

It’s paleo, keto and the perfect alternative to dairy or legume based powders, with way more benefits. Being free from inflammatory ingredients like gluten and dairy, you can be at peace knowing that your protein powder will not cause inflammatory responses like digestive complaints, skin issues, and aches and pains.


NATURAL VANILLA - 100% Grass Fed New Zealand Bone Broth Protein (98%), Natural Vanilla Flavour, Monk Fruit Powder. 

CHOCOLATE100% Grass Fed New Zealand Bone Broth Protein (98%), Cocoa, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Monk Fruit Powder. 

How Do You Use It? 

This powder looks, acts and feels like the protein powders you’re used to.

Before or after your workout, simply add into a shaker with water or your milk of choice, or blend into your smoothie. 

How Does it Taste? 

Being the first of its kind, we understand that the idea of a Bone Broth Protein Powder might sounds a little strange. But if it wasn’t for the benefits you’ll feel, you’d never know the difference as there’s no broth taste or feel.

Flavoured with natural vanilla or cocoa and sweetened with monk fruit extract, Mitchells Protein Powder is not full of nasty artificial flavours and sweeteners.  


“After a hard day of training, I have 2 scoops of Mitchells Protein Powder in a smoothie or some plant based milk. The taste is unmatched, not too sweet, but still super creamy and delicious. My body significantly notices the difference in terms of recovery time, leaving me ready to attack my next run!” - Sam Tanner (NZ Record Holder Runner - Tokyo Olympics Qualifier )

"Being an athlete, I have tried countless amounts of protein powders, but I found there was always a trade off between taste & good quality powder without all the nasty additives. Mitchells protein tastes amazing, mixes well & the ingredients are simple and of high quality. They’ve solved a problem I’ve been trying to figure out for years!" - Sam O’dea (NZ Beach Volleyball)

"The Real Deal! This Bone Broth Protein Powder is amazing! I was previously using a well known NZ brand's Pea Protein but now I would never go back! The Vanilla flavour tastes great, there is no meat or broth flavour the vanilla overpowers that. It doesn't have that chalky/dust texture & taste like a pea protein. I also like how it doesn't make you feel heavy in the stomach afterwards. I can go back to back workouts with a shake in the middle & I don't feel bloated or heavy." - Ben Parry (Runner)

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